Sidetrip to Hiwang Village


Hiwang Village, Banaue Ifugao

There’s more to see in Banaue, Ifugao aside from the famous rice terraces. The only way to discover it is by asking the locals for a recommendation.

Here’s our story of our side trip to the Hiwang Village in photos.

It was already past 4pm, and our last day in Banaue. We decided to visit the village that our trike driver has recommended.

Hiwang Village, Banaue Ifugao

We passed the same road going to Hungduan. Kate and I exchanged looks and I’m thinking that we might wasting our time since we already went to Hungduan.

After a few turns, we finally arrived at our destination – The Hiwang Village.

Hiwang Village, Banaue Ifugao

If you want to view the whole region, this village is the right place. Located at the highest point overlooking the Banaue and Hapao valleys.

Despite how the new generation of Ifugao modernized their way of living, Noel (the general manager) continues to preserve the ancient ways by keeping the authentic Ifugao native houses.

Pop and jazz singer, Kuh Ledesma is just one of the many celebrities who visited this century old village and stayed for a couple of days.

As we roam around the place, Noel continues to educate us on how his ancient family built the village, and the best time to visit.


  • The accommodation is quite rustic. No electricity or cellular signal. But if you want to lock out yourself away from the civilization, this is the perfect place for you.
  • The best time to visit Banaue is during April – May as these months are their planting season. While October – November is the harvest season.
  • Hiwang Village has been existing 250 years and they changed the roof of their native houses every 14-15 years.
  • The skulls that you can see displayed outside the native huts were trophy during headhunting. Their heads were cut off and skewed on a bamboo and brought to the chieftain. Chieftain will then offer it to the altar also known as Dapi then they will hold a nonstop two day celebration with lots of food and wine. After the celebration, they will bury the skull and wait for the skin to rot after two years before they hung it outside their huts.

For inquiries, you may contact Noel Balenga at these numbers +639208933125, +639182403463, +639204918631. You may also contact our reliable trike driver Kuya Benson Tid-ong at +63906 871 2627.

You may also check our 9-day itinerary HERE or check how much we spent HERE.


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