Insider Tip: Top 10 Under Priced Branded Items at The Outlets at Pueblo Verde


Where to go for the best deal of your buck? There’s one place to be – The Outlets at Pueblo Verde.

I worked within the compound of The Outlets at Pueblo Verde. I go around each store at least once a week and check out the best deals they offer. Before I’ll list down the top 10 under priced branded items, let me give you an idea first about The Outlets.

What is The Outlets and outlet shopping in general?

The Outlets at Pueblo Verde a.k.a The Outlets is the first outlet shopping mall in Visayas and Mindano region. Outlet shoppers originated in the US where off the season items are sold for a factory price. I can guarantee that items sold at The Outlets are not over run nor fake. They’re authentic and in good quality.

My top 10 under priced branded items are…

TOM’s Shoes

TOM's Shoes | Fashion Rack Outlets Store

Fashion Rack Outlets Store is selling TOM’s shoes for 40% discount. That’s almost half the original price!

PUMA shoes

PUMA Suede | PUMA Outlets Store

Suedes are being sold at PUMA Outlets Store for as low as [insert lowest price].

Airmax and Roshe

Airmax 90 | Nike Factory Store PH

Normally, a Nike Air Max would cost around P5, 000. But, at the Nike Factory Store it would only cost around P3800++. And discounts can go as 70% especially for bigger sizes. A thousand savings were already big compared to buying the shoes for its original price.

P.S. Nike Factory Store is having “the greatest hero sale” which most of their shoes and apparels are now 60-70%! Valid until August 31, 2015 only.

Levi’s Jeans

Levi's Jeans

When we say quality jeans, the first thing that comes in our mind is Levi’s. True enough, Levi’s jeans are a must have for every Fashionista. They’re selling it at 30-40% discount. P.S. They’re having a clearance sale where they sold Levi’s button down polo for 70% discount!

Basic and Timeless fashion at Giordano

Giordano Outlets Store

For me, they’re one of the most generous outlets store at The Outlets as they offer a huge… huge… discounts! I remembered one time that they sell their shorts and skirts for as low as P198. Currently, they’re having a sale, which they sold their basic tees for only P298. Graphic tees for both men and women cost around P250-450. If you buy it at their regular store, it would cost you around a thousand pesos.

New Balance Kicks

New Balance

Another personal favorite is the New Balance kicks. You can own a pair for as low as P1, 800. Planet Sports are generous that their discount can go as high as 60%.

Converse Sneakers

Converse Shoes

Save P1,000 from the original price when you buy your Converse sneakers at Converse Outlets Store. They don’t have the Chuck 2 yet, but who knows it might become available at their store soon for lesser price.


For every adventure seeker, one must invest in products that are made for adventure travel. Timberland has a wide variety of jackets, shoes, & accessories that are made for travelers. I like their foldable jacket, and I’ve been eyeing that hiking shoe that they sell for only P3000++.

Timberland Outlets Store

Brazillian Brands at BAMBU Outlet Store

BAMBU Outlets Store

Flip flops are a girls best friend. Thankfully, you can own a pair of Ipanema slippers for P500 or less through BAMBU Outlets Store. My latest splurge is the Switch Straps Ipanema for only P560.


Talk about Stan Smith, Adidas Originals, and Neo. Imagine you have a pair of Stan Smith for only P3000++. If you’re lucky, you can buy two pairs for one price as they offer buy 1 take 1 promo at least once a year.

Stan Smith | Adidas Outlets Store

P.S. Adidas Outlets Store is temporarily closed for renovation. But, I’m excited for their reopening. Hopefully, they will continue to offer their Buy 1 Take 1 promo.

Hope that this post has give you an idea about outlet shopping and discounts that you can score when you shop at The Outlets. To know more The Outlets at Pueblo Verde, visit their Facebook page at


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