Exhilarating Revelation Awaits at the Julies Chief Baker 2

Cultivating student talents, Julies Chief Baker is back and making waves again in local television. 

It’s the first reality TV show in the country which it features students from top culinary schools in the Visayas.

The show highlights the skills, creativity and ingenuity of the student bakers by coming up with their own baked recipes.

And what’s exhilarating is that there will be a surprise ingredient that will only be announced on the shooting day. It does not only enhance their baking skills, but also their entrepreneurial skills since they will be doing bread costing.

On the other hand, participating schools will also have a chance to win an additional cash prize. Students simply need to fill up the back of their receipt with their name and contact details. The school with the most number of entries wins Php 100,000 worth of HRM facilities and students who participate the promo will also get a chance to win special prizes.

For more information, visit Julie’s Bakeshop Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/JuliesBakeshop



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