Colorful and Beautiful Celosia Flowers Gone Viral

In hot and humid days in Cebu, it comes no surprise that Sirao Flower Farm becomes a mainstream. 

Sirao Flower Farm

Motorcycle drivers no longer say “Temple of Leah, ma’am? Or “Tops mo ma’am?” Instead, they approach each person outside JY Square Mall and ask if they’re going to Sirao Flower Farm.

Sirao Flower Farm

For P100 (per person and one way), you can hire a motorcycle that could drive you to rSirao Flower Farm in less than an hour.

Sirao Flower Farm Cebu

It was Wednesday and the place was jampacked like its weekend. Everyone is taking turns in taking selfies.

Just a quarter of the 1-hectare lot, flower caretaker Mr. & Mrs. Ople plant the lot with celosias in different colors that resembles fire flame.

Sirao Flower Farm

As early as 6am, tourist flocks to the flower farm until 6pm where you can witness the sunset.

With such vibrant hues, it’s no surprise that this flower farm (that already existed way before social media become popular) has gone viral.

Sirao Flower Farm

Though the sudden influx of tourists brings additional income to the community and the caretakers, however, irresponsible tourism might kill the flower farm industry so as the scorching heat in Cebu.

A little reminder…

Sirao Flower Farm

I know it’s cliche, but leave nothing but our footprints and take nothing but your selfie. Don’t pick the flowers nor stomp into them. Just follow the trail where you can walk through the farm. The caretakers are too shy to remind you these simple rules. Have some respect for their source of income and help the flower farm preserve as a tourist destination in our city.

  • The caretaker has indefinitely postponed the harvest to accommodate more tourist. You can still visit the farm from 6am to 6pm.
  • If you want to see a full bloom of celosia flowers, better go back on December to January.
  • Apply sunblock and bring hats ‘coz you’ll get sunburn especially if you go there between 10am – 3pm.
  • They were three flower farm within the compound. Each farm has P20 entrance fee. Please pay accordingly. Do not just cross from one farm to the other without paying your dues.
  • Motorcycle fare ranges from P100 -125 per person one way from JY Square Mall to Sirao Peak.
  • It’s also better if you would buy a Celosia flower for P20/bundle aside from taking selfies. That’s an additional income for the caretakers.
  • Food & fruit vendors can be found along the hi-way.
  • Since you’re already in Brgy. Sirao, why not camp at Sirao Peak. It’s just a walking distance from the flower farm. Just ask the locals on where you can hire a guide going to the peak if it’s your first time.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. master.ryo says:

    Sure, those flowers are lovely and I hope that people will learn to be a responsible. Your tips and reminders are commendable. Hope everyone will abide. Thanks for sharing!

    cheers from:

  2. thelittlelai says:

    Been here only one month ago. The flowers are very adorable and eye-catching because of their own unique beauty.

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