Journal and Planner Enthusiast Meetup in Cebu

We gathered not just because to show off how chic our journal/planner looks like, but we gather to share inspiration and learn from fellow enthusiast.

Since early 2000, I have owned a journal/planner. In fact, I hoard on planners, especially during planner season – December.

My planner does not only function as an appointment tracker or to do list. It also functions as my memory keeper, travel journal, and a diary. Its rolled into one.

Crop and Plan Party Cebu 2015

To be honest, I no longer have time to put notes, doodle, or write an entry on my planner since I started my blog. When my sister invited me to join the Crop and Plan Party 2015 hosted by Marry Crafts, I rekindled my love to put an entry in my journal/planner.

Crop and Plan Party Cebu 2015

The venue was at Brique Modern Kitchen (in Lahug) which I have an unforgettable memory. At first I’m hesitant to join because of the venue ‘coz I’m thinking that the staff might remember me – the girl who dined their restaurant and looking stupid in front of her expat date. Well, I’m paranoid like that. (hahahaha)

Crop and Plan Party Cebu 2015

Anyway, as the program progressed, everyone was asked to show their journal/planner and say something about it. There was also a gallery walk which we take a sneak peek on everyone’s journal spread. I would say that you can tell the person’s personality based on their journal spreads.

Crop and Plan Party Cebu 2015

We also have the live demo for DIY tassel making leaded by @fancy_munky.

Aside from the delicious snacks that were by Brique, we were also excited the content of our box full of planner love from various sponsors and partners.

Crop and Plan Party Cebu 2015

We ended the day by having a raffle which everyone received beautiful craft and planner supplies. And I won the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Gift Giving Journal (Hoorray for that!).

My favorite feature of this planner is the My Travel Plan section. As you can see, I already put an entry for the  of January. As I continue to explore Philippines, this year your’s truly is going on an adventure  in Mindanao. Stay tuned for my Instagram updates soon.

Crop and Plan Party Cebu 2015

P.S. Sending virtual hug to @Craftylaneph for the calligraphy pens, @Bitstopieces for the planner charms, @dmcphilippines for the dmc thread, @lemonpaperco @plannersandjounals @keenaprints @the_craftroom_project for the quirky planner stickers. Also to the following sponsors and parnters @mommylhey, @listlab, @craftpond, @iam_artistan, @ohappydoodles, @cnsdesigs, @crafty.papillon, @berrystreats, @thecraftstore, @craftylaneph, @cbtlph, and @saffytenten.

Of course, to Marryl of Marryl Crafts for she never get tired share her passion for crafts.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. red maleta says:

    Your travel plan is soooo you!

  2. jewey says:

    very creative. i like it. =)

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