Thank you, readers!

laagan na cebuana

From sea to summit, 2015 is about discovering unknown places and making new friends along the way.

As much as I’d like to narrate the year that it was, but I guess I’m having a writer’s block. Instead I’m sharing you this unpublished photo that best described how happy I am for what happened in 2015. I may be not on top of the world, but I’m on top of my goals.

Of course, there were dull moments. I still experience depression especially every after each trip.

Though photos are great for Instagram, but experience is also great for the soul. For some, they believe that I’m getting paid to travel. But, I AM NOT. All those food trips and plane tickets are from my own pocket.

There were some who keep on encouraging me to quit my job and do freelance so I could have more time to travel, but I believe that its not for me. Its not the right time rather.  I always admire those who were fearless to live a nomadic lifestyle.

I am fully aware that my post sometimes are becoming non-sense (like this one). But, I’m trying my best to make this blog more informative to my fellow travelers. I won’t promise, but I will find time to sit down and spend the whole weekend reviewing all my blog post and think of ways to help improve my writing skills and making this blog more helpful for my readers.

Thank you for all your patience to my grammatical errors, reading my non-sense post, and for visiting my blog.

Happy New Year!







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