Ultimate Guide on How to Setup Instagram’s Multiple Accounts

Instagram’s latest feature is a long overdue! 🙂

I’ve been waiting it for so long as I have multiple accounts (one for personal and one for my blog) which I have to logged out and log back in every time I post something on my two accounts.

After I read about the news yesterday, I went ahead to Google Play and check if there’s a latest update on Instagram in order for the new feature to take effect. But, it says my app is already updated. I’ve investigated and then find out that there’s no need for us to download any updates as the feature is already added to the app itself.

In case you’re confuse (like me) how it should be done, I’m sharing this step by step guide. 1. Sign in to your Instagram account. If you already signed in, go to your profile and scroll down to the bottom part until you find the “Add account” option.

ultimate guide how to setup instagram multiple accounts1


2. Click Add account, then you will be redirected to the sign in page.

3. Sign in to your other Instagram account.

4. Then, it will direct you to your account’s home page.

5. Click the drop down arrow on top of the page.

Ultimate Guide on How to Setup Instagram's Multiple Accounts 3

6. Viola! You can now switch back and forth to your multiple Instagram accounts!

I hope you’ll find this blog post useful for you. This 2016, I’m trying to revamp my blog so it’s not just your go-to site for planning your trips, but also a site for you to learn some DIY tech related stuff that are useful in planning your trips.



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