Around the World in Cebu with less than P500 Budget

On a Saturday morning, I was staring at my PC screen trying to get things done. You know stuff like trying to do task in advance so I have lots of time to chill at work, but I have a long queue of task and confuse on which one to do first.

Then suddenly you’ll be interrupted when a pop-up message appeared on your screen. It was Kate, she invited me to go with her to Sirao Flower Farm and Temple of Leah. Like a true good friend, I said YES!

Sirao Flower Farm

We meet in JY Square after lunch and started our weekend project. To give you an idea about our weekend project, we tour our beloved city and check out interesting stuff that we can blog and brag in social media (just kidding) for less than P500 budget.

Personally, I would recommend this weekend project itinerary (though it’s not necessarily you should do this on the weekend) if you have free time in the city.

So here it is…


We hired a motorcycle also known to the locals as habal2x that would take us to Sirao Flower Farm. Fare is only P100 per person (one way). The drive is approximately 45 minutes from Lahug. We paid P30 entrance fee when we reached the farm and started the photo shoot.

Sirao Flower Farm

Actually, she tag me along ‘coz she needs someone to follow her around and shoot her photos. (peace Kate! Hahahaha)

3:30 PM   

Temple of Leah Cebu

After more than an hour of trying to get the best shot, we decided to leave the farm and went to our next destination which was the Temple of Leah.

Temple of Leah Cebu

Since it was weekend, we weren’t was surprised by the amount of crowd. The last time I was there was during weekdays which there were less than 10 tourists.

So, we were kinda confused where we will begin because every corner was occupied by either group of friends, family, or love birds.

Temple of Leah Cebu

In situations like this, you have to be creative and alert. Creative in taking your picture regardless the crowd in the background and alert to spot the corner with less crowd.


Sugbo Mercado

And the weekend project won’t be complete without a food trip. Kate has been telling me about this food stall in Sugbu Mercado that serves delicious Pad Thai.

We had Thai and Italian foods for dinner that tour. capped off our city

How much this around the world tour cost us? Like I’ve said earlier, less than P500 ONLY!

Motorcycle fare from JY Square to Sirao Flower Farm P100/person (one way)
From Sirao Flower Farm to Temple of Leah P30/person (one way)
Temple of Leah to JY Square P100/person
Sirao Flower Farm entrance fee P30/person
Temple of Leach entrance fee P50/person
1 serving of Pad Thai P99
1 stick of Chicken Satay P15
1 serving of Pesto Pasta P35 (P65 is the original price, but we divide the cost)
1glass of Green Appe Juice P35
Tip for our driver P30 each
Total P489

Hope this has help you on your future plans on how you can spend your Saturday afternoon with limited budget.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. red maleta says:

    Ah, my personal paparazzo. LOL!

  2. Zharie Grae says:

    Hello. Can i ask an advice? Im going to cebu tom. Whats a good itinerary for temple of leah, tops, lantaw resto and sirao farm. I dont know the way so i dont know if what place will be the first thing that we will visit. Thank you so much! ❤️

    1. Kareen says:

      Hi Zharie! Apologies for late reply.

      I hope my advice is not too late. I would highly suggest the ff itinerary:

      Temple of Leah
      Lunch at Lantaw Restaurant
      Sirao farm
      watch sunset at Tops

  3. You mentioned that one way yung habal-habal from JY to Sirao for 100 pesos. How were you able to get from Sirao to Temple of Leah and then back to JY? May waiting habal-habal in the area? How about if you were to go to Tops, may waiting din ba na habal-habal? Thanks!

    1. Kareen says:

      Hello! Yes, there are habal2x drivers who will wait outside Sirao and temple of Leah. The best way though is to inform your driver that you want to visit those places and agree with the price.

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