Does Coffee Helps a Broken Heart?

Have you also wished that a broken heart can be healed over a cup of coffee?

As you aged, your preference will change, especially when you celebrate life milestones or heal a broken heart. Before, we celebrate over booze. But, as we are now in adulthood stage, we celebrate life milestones and even spend our weekend over a cup of coffee.

The other week, my friends were on our usual coffee spot in Starbucks. Not to celebrate, but instead to comfort a brokenhearted friend.

It was also a perfect day to check out their latest Micchiato beverages in Chocolate Hazelnut and Roasted Caramel.

Though my friend’s broken heart was not totally healed over a cup of Chocolate Hazelnut Roasted Caramel, but it does feel her better.

Visit any of Starbucks branches and have your fix.

Tip: Attending barista says Roasted Caramel Macchiato is best when you ordered it in Frappucino.


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